An autoclave is a machine that uses steam under pressure to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores on items that are placed inside a pressure vessel. The items are heated to an appropriate sterilization temperature for a given amount of time.
Cylinderical Autoclave
Cylindrical Autoclave help attain sterilization by disinfection the Biological materials from Viruses, Bacteria using saturated steam pressured in combination of time Duration, Temperature thereby eradication. The Micro organisms spares much faster due to dedicated dry or wet cycles by programming the Slow or fast exhaust fine tuned to deliver fully sterilized Media glass ware etc. or Hospital or Industrial Waste.
Vertical Autoclave
Vertical autoclaves are also known as top loading sterilizers that come in cylindrical shape. These are widely used in hospitals, Operation Theater (OT), microbiology laboratory for sterilization of various medial and cultures.
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